ESL at Home: 12 Weeks, Tech Free

Hello! Thanks so much for your commitment to your students.  Here you will find links to activities for students in grades K through 12. They require only paper and pencil, and some materials that can be found around the house.

English K-8, Weeks 1-8, written by Maria Montroni-Currais, NJ.  English K-8, Weeks 9-12 written by Meghan Love and Laura McAulay, SC

Spanish, courtesy of the River Falls District, WI. Spanish Weeks 5-8 courtesy of Kelly Cesarski, NJ, Spanish Weeks 9-12 courtesy of Tiffany Wells, NJ

Portuguese, courtesy of Maria Costa, MA. Portuguese Weeks 5-8, courtesy of Elisangela Defreitas

Somali, courtesy of the Saint Cloud, MN Community Volunteers. Somali weeks 5-8 courtesy of Hassan Adan, MN.

Arabic, courtesy of Sarah Badi, TN via Marci Butler, Sumner County Schools, TN

Chinese, courtesy of a student and her family, WV. Chinese weeks 5-8 courtesy of Sue Zhao, TN via Marci Butler, Sumner County Schools, TN

French, courtesy of Jennifer Larance, VA

Urdu, courtesy of Saba Ahmed, NJ

Vietnamese, courtesy of Julia O’Neil, MN and Mai Hoang

Punjabi, courtesy of Savdeep, Hargurjeet, and Ritu, NJ.

Polish, courtesy of Kasia Liu, NJ.

Hindi, courtesy of Savdeep, Hargurjeet, and Ritu, NJ.  Hindi weeks 5-8 courtesy of Shilpa Palawat, Lincoln Community School, NJ

Haitian Creole, courtesy of Denise Vega-Moore, East Orange School District, NJ

Turkish, courtesy of Ayse Takhim, NJ

Burmese, courtesy of Globelink, LLC via Talonna Hybki, CO

Korean, courtesy of JaeJun Daniel Cho via Lisa Geib and Heidi Son, TX and Eun Jung Kim, Benjamin Banneker Academy, East Orange School District, NJ

Japanese, courtesy of Mizuho Furusawa, TN.  Japanese weeks 5-8 courtesy of an anonymous teacher, TN, via Marci Butler, Sumner County Schools, TN

German, courtesy of Michelle Cimenton, Lyons H.S., KS

Italian, courtesy of Andrea Williams, KS

Nepali, courtesy of Tarwan Tiwari, Nepali liason for Springfield, MA

Khmer, courtesy of Phala Chea, MA

English 9-12, courtesy of Cornelia Okraski, Fort Mill, SC

Romanian, courtesy of Maria Bornea, TN. Romanian weeks 5-8 courtesy of  Ruxandra Wagner, parent, TN via Marci Butler, Sumner County Schools, TN

Farsi, courtesy of Yara Ahrar, ESOL Teacher, Fort Mill School District, SC

Tagalog, courtesy of Glenn and Margaret Rutaquio, Garland ISD, TX

Swahili, via Your Language Connection and the school district of Lancaster, PA and Linda Cyomuhendo from Jewish Family Services in Springfield MA. Swahili weeks 9-12, courtesy of Kerry Martins, MA

Ukrainian, courtesy of Maryana, Syracuse, NY

Pashto, *translation is hand-written* courtesy of Shereen Khan and family

Russian, courtesy of Olga Tamm, via Marci Butler, Sumner County Schools, TN

Albanian, courtesy of Anisa Bega and Viollca Sumbulla from Plymouth-Canton Community Schools

Zomi, Kinyarwanda, Hakha Chin, courtesy of LoriAnn Martin, Warren County Public Schools, KY

We are still looking for translations in languages such as:

 Thai, Hmong, Tigrinyan, Kurdish

If you or someone you know can effectively translate into these languages, please email

Stay healthy! – Maria Montroni-Currais, ESL and G&T Teacher, Somerdale, NJ

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