About ESL at Home

About the project: ESL at Home began as a simple two week activity calendar for the ELL’s in my district of Somerdale, NJ.  With the help of teachers in Fort Mill, SC, I added two more weeks.  I shared it on Facebook and Twitter, and was offered assistance in translating it into Spanish.  That led me to ask on social media for more translations, and in less than three weeks, we had 20 translations.   Since starting this project, educators from all over the country have collaborated to translate or share.  I’m so thrilled to have been part of a project that has positively impacted students all over the globe.

About Maria: I’ve been teaching since 2009.  I started as a French teacher and went through the NJ Alternate Route Program, but soon switched to teaching ESL.  I received my M.Ed. in Teaching ESL from The College of New Jersey, and have been teaching in Somerdale since 2011.  I received my certification as a Supervisor and Principal through the NJExcel program, and look forward to a career in administration, specifically instructional leadership and curriculum development. Email: mmontroni@somerdale-park.org Twitter: @MrsMCESL